Meet the Founders: Emile

Hi everyone, my name is Emile and I’m a third year medical student based in Michigan. I started Gain’s Anatomy with my classmate Torey in an effort to share some fitness and diet advice that I’ve learned through my weight loss journey. I’m proud to say that in 2013-14 I lost 60 lbs, dropped 6 pant sizes, and shed 12% body fat.

I wasn’t taking care of myself throughout college and put on a significant amount of weight through my poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and bad sleep hygiene. I was always stressed out with class and my extracurricular activities and made my health a low priority. I was in denial about my weight gain and it took an intervention from some close friends to finally help accept that I had gained nearly 50 pounds over the years. When my clothes weren’t fitting I just assumed they had shrunk, when pants ripped I thought the material was cheap, and wasn’t willing to accept that I had done this to my body. On August 28th, 2013 I weighed in for the first time and realized I was 209 lbs and it was heartbreaking. On that fateful day I took ownership of my health and decided to go on an intense diet and exercise plan. I cut out all fast food and had a clean diet full of lean protein, leafy vegetables, and whole grain carbohydrates. I had heard from some friends that the “insanity” workout plan by Shaun T was effective and I decided to give it a try. I followed the 60 day workout plan, took weekly weigh ins, photos to track my progress, and had my mom help me with preparing healthy meals. I didn’t skip a single day on my schedule even when I had to go on trips or interviews and started to lose weight. The workouts (especially during the second month) were as the name suggests: Insanity. I would put on music in my garage, play the workout videos, and sweat…A lot.

It didn’t happen overnight but over the course of 3-4 months I had started to notice my belly shrink and and my face slim down. I had friends tell me that I looked different and more importantly, I felt different – more alert, clear-minded, and happier. It took almost 7 months to lose 60 lbs but it has truly changed my life. I moved to Boston in 2014 and taught myself (after much trial and error) how to meal prep effectively. Currently, I’m halfway through my second year of medical school and fitness, meal-prep, and health have become woven into my identity. I went from the guy who ate Wendy’s fast food every day to the “Meal-prep guy” and I’m proud of the lifestyle transformation I made. I know how hard it can be to maintain and lose weight and I wanted to share some inspiration and advice to help others reach their fitness goals! We’re more than happy to help so please message us if you have any questions!☺

One thought on “Meet the Founders: Emile

  1. Hi Gains Anatomy- Emile. Congratulations on your success in weight loss. It is a great accomplishment that shows how dedicated and drive you can be. I have kept off 60-ish pounds for 11 years now. I’m sure you know it’s a lifestyle change not a diet!
    If you liked insanity have you tried workouts from Daily Burn? Or the bodycoach on youtube? (Found here: and

    Anyways, I look forward to keeping up with your blog. I’m always scouring for tips to help manage fitness and healthy eating on a tight schedule (and budget- big family here).


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