Meet the Founders: Torey

Hello all! My name is Torey and I am a third-year medical student in Michigan. Starting Gain’s Anatomy with Emile has been such a rewarding experience and I’m excited to share any knowledge that I’ve gathered from my journey through here! A little background about me, I grew up in Minnesota and attended Gustavus Adolphus College for undergrad where I majored in Biology. After a gap year, I made the move to Michigan and have had a wonderful experience here thus far!

My passion for fitness and nutrition largely stems from my experience in athletics. From high school, where I ran track, played football and competed in snowboard slopestyle, to college, where I continued my football career as a D-III athlete, training and nutrition has always been a large component of my schedule. Continuing that habit once starting medical school was definitely a challenge. However, it was a challenge that was well worth conquering and my workouts are now a much needed escape from the arduous road towards becoming a doctor.

While my workout still includes many of the dynamic lifts from my football-training days, I have started incorporating calisthenics and body weight exercises into my routine. These exercises, plus home yoga routines and mindfulness/meditation exercises learned from physicians, are now integral parts of by weekly schedule. Even thought the life of a medical student is busy, I realize that medicine is not the only career with such commitments. Through Gain’s Anatomy, Emile and I hope to show medical students and other busy-bodies alike that it’s not only possible to make time for your health and yourself… it’s essential!

2 thoughts on “Meet the Founders: Torey

  1. Welcome Gains Anatomy- specifically Torey. I spent the majority of my childhood growing up in MN. It’s a beautiful state and sometimes I miss autumn there. But, I’m glad I was able to experience other areas of the US. Hope you are too!

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