USMLE Step 1: Biochemistry Resources

Hello everyone! For those of you that are visual learners like me, here are some USMLE Step 1 Biochemistry resources. This includes a general outline with key steps/intermediates in most of the biochemical pathways. It is meant to be a supplement and I negated certain details that I felt comfortable with. We uploaded the highest quality photo that we could, however WordPress did decrease the quality a bit making some aspects of the diagram hard to read.


Here are some examples of visuals for certain diseases from the biochemistry section of First Aid. If you like the look of these visuals (my pathology version of Sketchy Medical which are called Torey Stories) feel free to download the document provided here, Torey Stories – Biochemistry. Again, this is not all inclusive. Certain details and diseases have been left out due to time restrictions and my level of comfort with those diseases.

Happy studying!!

One thought on “USMLE Step 1: Biochemistry Resources

  1. Jesus! Lol! Nice work dude! That looks like it took a while to make. Visual learner too. This made me nervous for med school 😅. Best Of luck studying.


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