Recipe: Turkey Meatballs, Asparagus, Brown Rice

Hey everyone! While not necessarily the most elaborate meal that we make at Gain’s Anatomy, this recipe is quick, cheap, and EASY! Once you get the process down you can make x6 meals in less than 10 minutesAll it involves is finding the right ingredients and proportioning them to your meal prep containers. I’m a Trader Joe’s regular and the all the ingredients used are from there.


Again, there isn’t a whole lot to this recipe as all the ingredients are pre-cooked or pre-grilled. All that is involved is microwaving the brown rice and dividing everything into portions.

  • Turkey meatballs. You’ll need two get two packages if you use the Trader Joe’s brand. You’ll have some extra but those can be used for a snack between meals! Four meatballs per meal is what I use.
  • Asparagus. One package (Trader Joe’s) can be divided into three portions. Thus, two packages are used for the six meals.
  • Whole grain brown rice. One package of the rice can be divided into three portions. Thus, two packages of the rice are used for the six meals. Follow the directions on the box or use your own method if you use a different brand of rice.


  • 375 calories
  • 30g protein (35%)
  • 44g carbohydrates (52%)
  • 11g Fat (13%) – 4g Saturated fat
  • $2.70 per meal


The three essential components I use for all my recipes are: a whole grain, a vegetable, and a protein source. You can change up this meal prep by simply replacing one of those three components with a more favorable option!

If you don’t like asparagus, try replacing it with green beans or some other favored veggie. Alternatively, you could buy non-microwavable brown rice (instructions here) that, while increasing the preparation time, would also decrease the cost. If this sounds favorable to you, consider investing in a rice cooker. The brand I use is Aroma and it makes the process of making rice SO MUCH EASIER! You can also steam vegetables and meats in it, which will be featured in future blog posts.

For the protein source, fish would serve as a great replacement. I chose the meatballs simply because they are pre-cooked and cut down on meal prep time. Tilapia or cod with lemon juice are great alternatives but may increase meal prep time.


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