Recipe: Pesto Pasta with Chicken, Feta Cheese, Tomatoes, and Spinach

Hey guys! This recipe is another quick and easy make. The most time consuming part of this is making the pasta. Once you get the steps down you can make x8 meals in under 30 minutes!!



  • Pesto pasta. Try to find a whole wheat pasta just to try to replace more simple carbs with more complex ones. Follow the instructions that come with the pasta and add a pre-made pesto to preference! Once that is done distribute the pasta evenly among the number of meal prep containers that you want (see alterations below).
  • Spinach. Add half a handful of spinach on the top before adding anything else. Having the green below it all adds a little more visual appeal.
  • Cherry tomatoes. I usually buy one package (Trader Joe’s) of cherry tomatoes, slice each one individually, and distribute them evenly among the number of meals you are preparing.
  • Feta Cheese. Like almost everything else, I distribute one package (Trader Joe’s) evenly among the number of meals I’m preparing. This comes out to roughly two tablespoons just to give you an idea of what this equates to.
  • Chicken. Distribute 4oz. of grilled chicken to each meal prep container. While the pre-grilled chicken is a little more expensive than cooking your own, I’ve found that the time it saves is much more valuable!


  • 610 calories
  • 37g protein (26%)
  • 88gcarbohydrates (63%)
  • 15g Fat (10%) – 3.5g Saturated fat
  • $3.50 per meal

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